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Profession/Specialization/DegreePh.d., Economics, Statistics (minor),
Work experience in the field of migration
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Title of analytical work in the field of migrationKathryn H. Anderson and Luca Barbone, “International Experience on Protection of Labor Migrants’ Rights and Its Application to Kyrgyzstan,” University of Central Asia, Institute for Public Policy and Administration Working Paper #22, 2013./ Kathryn H. Anderson and Bakhrom Mirkasimov, “Migration, Remittances, and the Human Capital and Work of Children: Central Asia During Revolution and Financial Crisis, 2005-2011.” Unpublished manuscript, under revision, 2014./ Kathryn H. Anderson and Damir Esenaliev. “The Gender Gap in Wages in Kyrgyzstan, 2004-2013: Comparative Evidence from the Life in Kyrgyzstan and National Labor Force Surveys.” In progress.
Kathryn H. Anderson and Nurgul Ukueva. “Gender Differences in Work and Wages in the Kyrgyz Republic: An Economic Explanation.” Invited paper, Slavic Review, 2015.
CountryUnited States