Current employmentInternational Consultant on Migration and Migration Policies
for Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan) 1997-2017
Research Council on the CIS States Migration under the Center
for Migration Studies of the Institute for Economic Prognosis of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) 1997-2016
Profession/Specialization/DegreeAreas of specialization: sociology, political science, regional studies, international migration studies, theory and practice of conflict resolution and prevention, etc.
Work experience in the field of migrationResearch interests include labor and irregular migration; migration between China and Kazakhstan/Central Asia; remittances and development, migrant workers’ rights, migration governance; mobility and labor market; civil society, early warning and conflict prevention, and others. 20 years of work experience in migration and migration policy studies
Contact detailsТел.: 7 727 394 78 33 (Almaty)
Title of analytical work in the field of migrationMonographs and chapters in the monographs
(2014). Kitayskaya migratsiya v Respublike Kazakhstan: traditsii Shelkovogo puti I novye vektory sotrudnichestva [Contemporary Chinese Migration to Kazakhstan: Silk Road Traditions and New Opportunities for Cooperation] Almaty: Publishing House Raritet. 2014. 444 p. (in Russian)
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(2013). Mezhdunarodnaya trudovaya migratsiya v Tsentral’noy Azii v nachale XXI veka (na primere Respubliki Kazakhstan). [International Labor Migration to Central Asia at the Beginning of the 21st Century (a Case Study of Kazakhstan)]. Moscow: East Book. 576 p. (in Russian)
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(2013) Contemporary International Migration in Central Asia and the Rise of Migrants’ Diasporas and Networks. In: Migration and Social Upheaval as the Face of Globalization in Central Asia. Marlene Laruelle. (ed.) Brill. Leiden-Boston, Pр. 23-49. (in English)
(2012). Kitayskaya migratsiya v Tsentral’noy Azii v nachale 21-go veka. Kitaiskoe ekonomicheskoe nastuplenie i migrstsiaya iz KNR na primere Respubliki Kazakhstan: vyzovy i vozmozhnosti [Chinese Migration to Central Asia at the Beginning of the 21st Century. China’s Economic Expansion and Migration: Challenges and Opportunities (a Case Study of Kazakhstan)] Saarbruken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012. 175 p. (in Russian)
(2011). Two chapters on Chinese migration to Kazakhstan and Central Asia in: Chang, Felix, Rucker-Chang Sunnie (eds). (2011) Chinese migrants in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Routledge. (in English)
(2005). Trudovaya migratsiya v stranakh Tsentral’noy Asii, Rossiskoy Federasii, Afganistane i Pakistane v 2000-e [Labour Migration in the countries Central Asia, Russian Federation, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 2000s.]. Analytical overview. Almaty: European Commission, International Organization on Migration 2005. 145 p. (in Russian)
(2001). Migratsiya v Kazakhstane na rubezhe XXI veka: novye tendentsii i perspectivy [Migration in Kazakhstan at the threshold of the XXI century: new trends and prospects], Almaty: Galym. 260 p. (in Russian)
(2001). Trudovaya migratsiya kak sredstvo adaptatsii k ekonomicheskomu krizisu v Kazakhstane [Labor migration and its role in the adaptation to the economic crisis in Kazakhstan], Almaty: Galym. 216 p. (in Russian)

Two research reports – in English and Russian, respectively:
(2016). China’s Rise in Kazakhstan and Its Impact on Migration. MIRPAL Research report in English, Regional program of the World Bank, IOM, UN Women and DFID. Almaty-Moscow. 128 p. (forthcoming)
Mnogomernoe prisutstvie Kitaya v Kazakhstane cherez prizmu migratsii [Multidimensional presence of China in Kazakhstan through the prism of Migration]. MIRPAL Research report in Russian, Regional program of the World Bank report, IOM, UN Women and DFID. Almaty-Moscow, 2016. 138 p. (forthcoming)
(2016). International migration in Kazakhstan during sovereign period. Kazakhstan-Spectr. N 1. P. 7-42. (in Russian)
1. (2015). The Kazakh–German Social Space: Decreasing Transnational Ties and Symbolic Social Protection. Population, Space and Place. April. Vol. 21, Issue 3. Pр. 270–281.
(2015). Chinese Migration to Kazakhstan. (Series of articles based on the materials of author’s book on Chinese migration: (in Russian):
(2015). The Mythology of Chinese Migration in Kazakhstan. Central Asia-Caucaus Analyst. The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Studies Program. January 7.
(2014). China’s "soft power" policy in Kazakhstan, educational migration and academic mobility: political, social, cultural implications in: Migration and its role in emerging new Eurasian identity: social and legal dimension. Materials of the International Research and practical conference held in Astana on November 4, 2014. Astana: Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies under the President of RK, P.33-52. (in Russian)
(2014). Chinese migration in the post-Soviet space: Comparative Case Study of Russia and Kazakhstan. Vostok (Oriens). N 3. P. 107-119. (in Russian) on:
(2014). Shades of Gray: Trade and corruption on Chinese Kazakhstani Border. January 23.
(2014). Kazakhstan in the system of international labor migration (Series of articles based on the materials of author’s book on the international labor migration: (in Russian)
(2014). The educational migration from Kazakhstan to China: impressive dynamics against the background of other of migration patterns. Kazakhstan-Spectr. 2014 № 1. (in Russian)
(2014). NGOs assisting migrants and refugees in Kazakhstan: 20 years of activities and new challenges. Migration - XXI century. November-December 2014№ 6-7. P. 39-44. Posted on: (in Russian)
(2013). Educational Migration from Kazakhstan to China: A Shift Eastward? Central Asia-Caucaus Analyst. The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Studies Program. October 30.
(2013). “China needs to know more about the world, and the world – to know more about China” (based to the results of the monitoring sociological survey, 2007 and 2012 years). Kazakhstan-Spektr. № 3. Pp. 30-42 p. (in Russian) Posted on:
(2012). Chapter 2 “The Republic of Kazakhstan” in: Protection of migrants’ social and labor rights in the CIS. Analytical compilation for the MIRPAL Program of the World Bank. Moscow: Pp. 64-118. (in Russian)
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(2010). "Labour Migration: Analysis of economic and social implications for Kazakhstan". Research Report for the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Astana. 78 p. (In Russian)
(2009). Kazakhstan in Central Asian migration subsystem in: Post-Soviet transformations: reflection in migrations. Center for Migration Studies and Institute for Economic Prognosis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Z. Zayonchkovskaya, G.Vitkovskaya (eds), Moscow: IT «Аdamant». Pp. 279-321. (in Russian)p. 279-321. (in Russian)
Posted on
(2009). Chinese Migration to Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, what is next? In: China in the regional and world politics. E.I. Safonova (ed). Moscow: The Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. (in Russian)
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(2007) Chinese Migration to Kazakhstan: Contemporary Trends and Perspectives. ANALYTIC. No 6. Pp. 33-45. (in Russian)
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(2006). Contemporary Labor Migration and Migration Policy Reform in Kazakhstan. In: Collection of articles of the Round Table dedicated to the 5th Аnniversary of Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC), organized by EurAsEC Secretariat in Almaty on September 30-October 1, 2005. PP. 107-118. Almaty. (in Russian)
(2005). Kazakhstan as an immigration country: new trends in Labour Migration in Central Asia. Proceedings of the Kazakh State University, Almaty, 2005. (in Russian)
(2005). Labor Migration and Its Impact on Social Stability in Central Asia in Towards Social Stability and Democratic Governance in Central Eurasia. Challenges to Regional Security / I. Morozova. (Ed.) NATO Science Series. IIAS, Leiden, the Netherlands, Pp. 206-228 (in English) and OTHER PUBLICATIONS.
In 1993-1997, as Head of the Population Department at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Labor of Kazakhstan was actively involved in the development of the first State Migration Policy Concept and Programme of newly sovereign Kazakhstan, and advised other governmental bodies on migration policies.
Fulbright Scholar at the University of Maryland at College Park (USA, 1994), and the Georgetown University (USA, 2009/10), RSEP scholar at the Indiana University (ACTR/ACCELS, USA, 2001), MacArthur fellow (MacArthur Foundation, Russia-USA, 2004-2006).
Member of:
International Sociological Association (ISA), 2002-2018; Board of the ISA Research Committee 31 on Sociology of International Migration in 2002-2010,
European Sociological Association (2000-2002),
ASN (2001-2003, 2009-2011),
Russian Society of Sociologists (2001-2016),
Kazakhstan’s Association of Sociologists (2006-2016),
Fulbright Association of Kazakhstan (2004-2016).
A member of the Editorial Board of two Russia’s Research and Analytical Journals on sociology and international migration
As a co-founder of a local NGO Center for Conflict Management, has considerable experience as civil society activist working on education and policy issues around conflict prevention, migrant, refugee, and human rights throughout Central Asia and wider CIS.
The winner of EU-USA 1998 "Democracy and Civil Society" Award (1998)