Current employmentNazarbaev University, Kazakhstan, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Profession/Specialization/DegreePhD, Miami University, Oxford, OH Political Science
Work experience in the field of migration
53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave. Astana Kazakhstan 010000
Title of analytical work in the field of migration"“Labor Migration in the Eurasian Union: Will Freedom of Movement 2015 Trump Domestic Controls?” PONARS Policy Memo No. 378 “Policy vs. Reality: Immigration Management in Russia 2015
Migration and Citizenship: Newsletter of the American Political Science Association Organized Section on Migration and Citizenship, 3(1) pp. 39-42 “Controlling Immigration Manually: Lessons from Moscow (Russia)” 2013
Europe-Asia Studies, 65 (7) pp. 1444-1465 “Nationalism in the Russian media: content analysis of newspaper 2012
coverage surrounding conflict in Stavropol, 24 May-7 June 2007”
Nationalities Papers, 40 (5) pp. 783-805 “Officials find quotas a way to balance demands of politics and labor” 2010
Russia Behind the Headlines (online) December 17 “Open Borders, Closed Minds Russia's Changing Migration 2010
Policies: Liberalization or Xenophobia?” Demokratizatsiya, 18 (2) pp. 101-121 (lead article)"
CountryUnited States